What is a Trade Test?

The Trade Test is a test of your knowledge, skills and competence in especially Artisan occupations. It involves theoretical and practical demonstration of knowledge and skill.

A Trade Test Certificate is usually required by employers before they will employ or advance you in your career and allow you to do work at a certain level.

There are two categories:
– Section 26 Test
– Artisan Recogntion of Prior Learning

Section 26 Trade Test

Section 26 Trade Test for registered, indentured apprentices who:
– Have a contract of apprenticeship
– Attend formalised institutionalised training
– Are be in possession of an N2 trade-related subject from a TVET College (12 weeks) or acquire one
– Must have a workplace that will provide the apprentice with onsite training (80 practical weeks)
– Must have a coach with same qualifications

Where do you apply for Section 26 Test?

You can now apply directly at Durnacol Skills Hub.

Trade Testing

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