Artisan Training is augmented by apprenticehips, learnerships and soft skills training, as well as other certified training accredited by the local and international training authorities including Maritime Workshop Training.

The local Community, represented by the DCF, was awarded a 26% stake in the Hub thereby providing active incentive for all its members to embrace the development of the Hub. Other benefits that the development brought to the local community are the ongoing opportunities for sustainable job creation, development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and broad based black economic empowerment (BBBEE).

Management of the Hub appreciate the exceptional way members of the community and the students, staff and management of the Hub embraced the concept of the development of a condemned facility to regain its historical and cultural significance.

Everything about Durnacol Skills Innovation Hub, including the exceptional quality of the Hub facilities and its training offerings, embraces the motto of the Hub as it is indeed “anchored in excellence”.

Durnacol Development

In reality Durnacol Skills Innovation Hub was developed as a “not so typical” private and public partnership development. The South African Mining House Exxaro, the local Durnacol Community Forum and the Newcastle based business development company, Blue Horison, took hands in developing the Hub. Quality People Development Consultants (Pty) Ltd, was appointed to provide the much needed accreditation of the Hub as a training institution. Our first intake of students was in January 2009 and in February 2012 DSIH applied for its own accreditation with the merSETA as its primary ETQA and was awarded it on 22 February 2012.


DURNACOL Skills Hub - South Africa's Premier Independent National Technical Training Centre